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Shipping Policy

Healing Foods Company Product Shipping Policy

Domestic & International Orders

We strive to process and ship orders within 1 to 3 business days. Shipping time, which is controlled by a chosen shipper (e.g.: US Postal Service, FedEx, etc), varies by chosen method and begins when the order actually leaves our warehouse. Shipping time is dependent of the method of shipping chosen (e.g.: priority, overnight, etc.).

All orders within continental US, Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories (e.g.: Puerto Rico, Guam) are shipped via US Postal Service. All international orders are shipped via FedEx. The shipping options available appear and can be chosen during the order placement process on our shopping cart.

Healing Foods Company has no control whatsoever over the selected shippers, their fees and shipping methods, neither it charges any extra fees to process and placing the shipping requests with the shippers. The estimated arrival times are provided by the shippers.

We accept all international orders. However, it must be noted that the order recipient located in another country becomes the “importer of record” of our product and, as such, MUST comply with all the local laws and regulations of the destination country. By placing international order with us you, as an importer of record, hereby expressly acknowledge and accept all the responsibilities for all additional duties, taxes and/or fees associated with the lawful importation and receipt of our products in the destination country. Please, before placing an international order with us, do check with appropriate government authorities of your country for any possible restrictions and/or additional duties, taxes and fees that may be imposed. You hereby expressly acknowledge that once your order is shipped out of our warehouse, Healing Foods Company has no control over its delivery to you, and therefore is NOT responsible for lost, damaged, or delayed packages or products for any reason. By placing an international order you, the importer of record, assume all risks and responsibilities. No refunds will be issued for lost, damaged, or delayed packages or products. Our product guarantee applies to returned merchandise only and does not cover lost, damaged or delayed packages nor does it cover the shipping and/or other costs, duties, taxes and fees incurred as a result of importation. In order for refunds to processed by us the products MUST BE RETURNED to us. No refunds are being processed by us unless the returned products physically arrive back to us. Prior to being returned all products are required to have an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number before being accepted by us for return processing. Click here for more information regarding our 30-Day Product Return Guarantee.

These statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.