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Who We Are

We’re a family run, independently owned and ethically-driven company that’s changing the food and supplement industry with a powerful concept: Quality above Profit.
We are trusted by happy customers worldwide thanks to our remarkable ingredient purity, potency, transparency and friendly service.

Every link in our production chain, from people to planet, is treated with the highest care, love and respect. When you purchase a Healing Foods product you help support earth-friendly organic farming, fair living wages and environmental sustainability.

Why We Exist

To empower and nourish you through our Healing Foods products and practical nutrition knowledge so you can feel and perform at your best.

Healing Foods Code of Ethics
We believe that creating food and supplements is a sacred act that nourishes a person on the most profound and intimate levels – mind, body and spirit.
It’s our collective responsibility, as food producers, to treat this privilege with the utmost care and respect by maximizing purity, integrity, sustainability and nutritional quality of every product we make. To care for people and planet as if they’re an extension of ourselves and loved ones — because they are.

What We Make
We make Organic NON-GMO whole-food health formulas to support digestive and immune health.
Our products combine cutting-edge medical and scientific research with time-tested ancient traditions.

Our Products Help Support...

- Digestive and metabolic disorders
- Crohn’s and Colitis (IBD)

- Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
- Pre-diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity
- Celiac, gluten sensitivity
- Chemical or food allergies
- Leaky Gut, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)

- peak performance & recovery (athletes, professionals and/or parents)

For us It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

Healing Foods was created out of necessity for the health and well-being of our family.
We discovered that nutritional supplements were often inconsistent, confusing, or sometimes actually harmful — despite fancy labels and promising research.
Healing Foods had to literally reinvent the way health supplements were made in order to get results our family needed.
With over 50 years of combined medical, nutritional and food-industry knowledge and years of R&D we finally created the organic, pure and effective products that we were desperately looking for.

Why Our Products Work

QUALITY IS EVERYTHING – Nutritional supplements have amazing health-supporting potential. But, in order for supplements to work, only the highest quality ingredients that are sourced, harvested, stored, processed and packaged the right way. Why? To protect the delicate health and nutrition properties of the herb/functional food. The manufacturing supply-chain from plant to bottle will make or break the effectiveness of a product.


EUROHEAL® — Proprietary Manufacturing Technology

EUROHEAL® includes our proprietary Potency Protection System™ that ensures the nutritional value of every product. It’s the reason our products work.
EUROHEAL® guarantees that every herb is grown, harvested, stored, processed and packaged to protect it’s maximum nutritional profile and health supporting properties.


We select our ingredients strictly on the basis of quality, purity, potency and bio-availability. We source the finest organic raw materials from trusted farming partners and industry leading suppliers who meet our strict criteria. Every ingredient is tested for purity, potency and certified free of pesticides, GMOs and heavy metals.


Potency is a measure of strength or effect a supplement has on your body.
Bio-availability is the measure of therapeutic benefits actually delivered to and used by your body.

Our high quality ingredients combined with our proprietary EUROHEAL® manufacturing process ensures both, maximum potency and maximum bio-availability of our products.


European supplement manufacturers, and their products, are subject to much stricter purity control regulations, including strict NON-GMO policies, than American manufacturers.

Healing Foods Company is one of the first American nutrition manufacturers to meet (and exceed) strict quality rules set forth by both: the United States FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

What you read on our labels is exactly what you get – only natural organic ingredients of consistent high potency, bio-availability and precise dosage.

Equally important – especially for people with digestive and metabolic disorders – is what our products DO NOT contain.

We know first hand that even small amounts of artificial, synthetic or hidden additives, routinely used by many supplement producers, may cause discomfort (or harm) to our sensitive clients.

Healing Foods products are made with best-in-class purity and safety

We’re constantly researching and innovating new ways to raise the bar on quality, purity and effectiveness.


Our manufacturing process is intentionally slow with extra care to preserve efficacy and bio-availability of our high-quality ingredients.

We produce limited small batches of product to serve a very special and sensitive customer base. Our focus is quality, not quantity.


Healing Foods products combine the best of modern science and ancient nutritional practices. Our nutritional formulas have been studied and gathered from around the world, and their ingredients have been carefully cross-referenced to include only those backed by independent scientific and medical research.