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Colon Formula™ 90 capsules

What is Colon Formula™?

Colon Formula™ is a synergistic blend of 100% organic whole-herbs of Organic Cloves and Wormwood that supports healthy digestion. The whole organic herbs are prepared and encapsulated in accordance with our EUROHEAL® technology which includes our proprietary Potency Protection System™ to ensure their original natural power and freshness. The ingredients in Colon Formula™ are your best defense against unwanted guests in your gut.


  • Digestive Balance and Support*
  • Support Normal Bowel Function*
  • Confidence when eating out or traveling*


  • GMOs, Artificial colors, flavors and preservatives
  • Soy, wheat, corn, rice, gluten, dairy, shell fish
  • Sugar, salt, starch, milk, yeast, nuts, legumes
  • Binders and fillers including magnesium stearate
  • Harmful Heavy metals

EUROHEAL® Purity and Quality Guarantee

- 100% Organic Whole-Herb Formula (no standardized extracts)
- NON-GMO, Non-irradiated, Non-fumigated
- 100% Whole herb formula (no standardized extracts)
- Not fermented, no synthetics and no isolates
- Micro-bacterial Analysis (NO Pathogens, NO Mold, NO Bacteria)
- Material Safety Data Sheet (NO toxic additives, pesticides or chemicals)
- Manufactured in an FDA Registered Facility
- Kosher

Why It Works?

Parasites: A Silent Threat to Your Health

Studies have shown that the incidence of intestinal parasites may approach 90% in developed countries, and as high as 99% in developing countries. In the United States, intestinal infections are the third-leading cause of illness and disease.

The Hidden Connection between IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s & Parasites

Recent medical research shows that certain intestinal parasites can trigger the following symptoms: muscle spasms, abdominal pain, bloating, cramps, diarrhea or bleeding. Parasites can dig in and attach themselves to the intestinal wall causing painful irritation and inflammation. Parasites are the third leading cause of illness disease.

What is a Parasite?

Parasites are organisms that derive food and protection from other living organisms known as hosts. They may be transmitted from animals to humans, from humans to humans, or from humans to animals.

They range in size, from tiny single-celled organisms to worms visible to the naked eye. While some parasites use a permanent host, others go through a series of developmental phases using different animal or human hosts.

Parasites are a significant cause of food-borne and waterborne illness.

Top Risk Factors for Parasitic Infection

- International travel or public transport (trains, planes, buses)
- Drinking tap water and/or use ice made from tap water
- Eating raw, rare or smoked meat and fish (sushi, tartare, lox, prosciutto, salami)
- Eating at salad bars, juice bars or open buffets and food courts
- Owning or handling animals — Spending time in school, daycare, hospital
- Exposure to untreated water from lakes, rivers, ponds, or streams
- A weakened Immune System (IBS, Diabetes, Crohn’s, Colitis, HIV/AIDS, Gastroenteritis etc..)



When Eating out or Traveling: Take 1-2 capsules (3) times per day with meals, especially after eating sushi, raw seafood, raw or rare cooked meat or fish, raw salads of any kind, or if you're having drinks that contain unfiltered tap water or ice made from tap water. 


Recommended maximum duration is 3 weeks ON (21 days). For every 3 weeks of continuous use take a one week OFF (7 days). Do not take continuously.  


Warning: If you have a medical condition, are pregnant, lactating, under the age of 18, or taking medications, consult your health care practitioner before using this product. Long-term continuous administration (greater than 3 weeks) should be monitored by a health care practitioner. Do not take with iron or antioxidants as these substances may reduce the effectiveness of this dietary supplement. Do not take if you have gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, stomach cancer, GERD, heartburn, indigestion or are allergic to cloves or wormwood. Always take with meals, never on empty stomach.


Organic Cloves, Organic Wormwood, kosher gelatin capsule.
All herbs are prepared in accordance with Healing Foods EUROHEAL® technology and Potency Protection System™.

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